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Anxiety: What Happens When the Mania Wears Off?

What to Do When the Mania Stops


When you deal with anxiety, there is a plus side, if you choose to call it that, and that is the wild and imaginative mania that comes with not taking your meds or before you take your meds. And this is something I dealt with this morning. After I got the sleep out of my system, the music was on, and I danced around feeling so free and happy and also full of energy, as if I could write about anything and everything, all day. After my meds, I felt balanced and still happy, but not the freedom of dancing for the world that I felt earlier. As a matter of fact, I began to feel a bit lazy and it’s taking all my determination to write this article. I don’t regret the meds at all, don’t get me wrong, they balance me, I just wish I had the same vigor as before the medication time. And I am sure that many of you feel this way, whether on meds or not.

So what do we do with the mania? We love it, and we make peace with it when it’s gone. It is still a part of who we are, the invincible part, but it balances us and takes away the power of the mania, which can easily transform into craziness, impatience, and anger, over little things that happen during the day. This is the part of being on meds that I love, is the balance it all brings into my life. I knew that I was in a manic mode when I reached for my essential oil, called Balance, and started rubbing it all over me. This helps a lot just as the meds do, which I almost forgot to take due to my “all is sunshine” feeling.

There are things we can do to keep that balance and still remain creative and happy, one of those things is to recognize the skills we have and put them into play. I have a strong work ethic, so I am utilizing that to write this article and get some more work done. I also know that I receive that feeling of accomplishment when I get something done that I intended to do. So I work with those skills. I also have a strong determination to finish what I've started and I use that strength to get things done and/or finished. But one of the things I love is writing a piece that others will benefit from and that makes me truly happy and not maniacally happy. One thing you should know is that the maniacal happiness never lasts for long. It is like a high feeling that eventually needs feeding and we want the high that comes naturally through health and wellness.

Here are 6 things you can do once the manic energy has passed:

  1. Stop, breathe, rest.
  2. Eat something healthy to get your natural energy moving.
  3. Be kind to yourself, say kind words to yourself instead of beating yourself up for feeling lethargic.
  4. Search out those other skills you have that motivate you.
  5. Think of all you give to the world being your balanced self, and know that your mania is not the key.
  6. Be grateful for all the work you get done, whether a lot or a little, or maybe nothing today. Every day is not meant for productivity. All things pass, even your lethargy, and you WILL feel like creating again.

Try these six things when your mania has passed and you begin to feel a bit down and less energetic. And treat yourself well by giving yourself a treat or by standing in the mirror and saying truthful things to yourself, such as, I am creative at times when creativity is called for. I am tired when rest is called for. I am productive when productivity is called for. I am me, beautiful and human at all times. I deal with anxiety and it is not who I am but something I have to deal with at all times. But there is help for me, whichever help I choose, holistic, meditation, medication, or all three. I have found balance and a balanced life is mine to enjoy.

While dealing with the lethargy that sometimes comes when the mania ceases, don’t forget that it is still ok and recommended that you dance, sing, draw crazy art, and make life the creative force you long for it to be. 

Kimm Smith
Kimm Smith

I am. The art and the artist. Expansive always seeking to learn. I write, sing, counsel, make things, read Tarot and oracle. Make my own cards. I make, I create but mostly I'm me. 

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Anxiety: What Happens When the Mania Wears Off?
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