Alice Schellinger

I'm here and I'm queer. I'm a passionate literature and writing enthusiast. I love to read and write about many different things. I am also a tarot card reader. Find me at Keen Psychics at Card Readings By Alice, or email me for details.

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Some Days I'm Drowning, but I'm Learning to Swim
4 months ago
I let myself sink into the warm water, feeling it lap at my skin as I crouch into the claw-foot bathtub. But I barely feel the warmth. All I feel is a creeping numbness sweeping through me as I slosh ...
It's Okay, and So Are You
7 months ago
Whenever we are gloomy about the state of our lives, it often shows in our body language, in our facial expressions, and in the ways that we respond to others. Often, we are asked the age-old question...