Alicia Lynn

I'm a model, entrepreneur, and young professional who loves to write and blog about various topics that interest me. Including, but not limited to: Mental health, Human rights, Fashion, Feminism, Sex, LGBT issues, and even product reviews.

My First Dinah Shore Weekend
9 months ago
This year I attended my first Dinah Shore weekend. There were thousands of lesbians in attendance and several social gatherings provided ample opportunities to meet and mingle with new faces. But for ...
Managing Your Anxiety During Stressful Situations at Work
a year ago
So, you’ve started your day with the best intentions possible. Maybe you did some positive affirmations in the morning to help you set your goals for the day. Maybe you left your house feeling less an...
The Importance of Pushing Through Anxiety and Enjoying the Moment
a year ago
When your anxiety can be triggered by something as simple as walking out your door to begin your day; you learn to endure. But what about enjoying the moment instead of just enduring the situation? Is...