Aly Ledene

Currently living in Edmonton, Canada. Stock trader, Coach, and Social Commentator. I write about politics, business, and mental health. Politically centered.

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When 'Self-Help' Burns You Out
3 months ago
Self-help books from The Secret to The Five Second Rule offer a range from abstract and specific ideas about how to improve your life. But what if these books are adding to your burnout? Over the past...
Are You Risking Burnout for No Reason?
3 months ago
Burnout and mental depletion in work, school, and life continue to lead people to suffer alone as stigma against these kinds of struggles continues.
Don't Be a Casualty of Anxiety
a year ago
I just finished reading a woman’s blog post which went something like “My anxiety convinces me that everyone hates me.” Here is a quick summary: If someone takes too long to answer a text I assume the...