Amanda Doyle

Self-proclaimed princess, dog lover, cool girl.

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The Death of My Former Self
7 months ago
I am a survivor, and I'm proud to say that. I started to think about death and suicide when I was in high school. I wondered what it would be like to die—if it would be easier than living. I wasn't ol...
Depression Is Not Your Friend
8 months ago
We all get sad and lonely. We all feel like the world is closing in on us. I understand. I've been struggling with depression for years, and it's something that's very hard to get through. Sometimes w...
Am I Crazy?
a year ago
I've been admitted to the psychiatric ward of the hospital three times. You could call me crazy. You could say that I was in the "mad house" or "crazy ward". Maybe it's true, maybe I am crazy. Maybe t...
How to Overcome Depression
a year ago
Before starting treatment for my bipolar disorder, I was suffering with major mood swings. Sometimes I'd be high and on top of the world, like nothing could touch me. But then there was always the dep...
5 (Not So) Secrets About Mental Health
a year ago
A few months ago, I was formally diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 2. I've always known something was up, and I've battled with depression my whole life, but there was some sort of weight lifted of...
Why Depression Will Make You Question Everything
a year ago
If you've ever been depressed, you know how hard it can be to continue on with your life. Depression affects your motivation, energy levels, and your whole persona in general. One of the worst parts o...