Amanda Olejniczak

Hello everyone! My name is Amanda and I am currently in college majoring in English. I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember. From creating short fictional stories, to my very own memoir and poetry book.

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7 Weeks in Treatment
a year ago
I realize I did quite a poor job at actually explaining what being in treatment was like; if you read my post from February 26, 2018 then you got a glace at what my first day in treatment was like. My...
Eating Disorder Treatment Day 1 (Round 1)
a year ago
Despite how very sick I was, and how awfully fuzzy and clouded my mind was, I can remember the morning I was admitted to treatment for the first time like it just happened this morning. It was April 1...
Amanda vs "Ana" Part 3
a year ago
My sophomore year of high school was interesting, to say the least. I remember being happy that I was no longer a freshmen, but I didn't have much else to be happy about. I was still counting calories...
Amanda vs "Ana" Part 2
a year ago
The environment I grew up in was not ideal by any means, however, I will give my mother credit where credit is due—she did the best she could with what we had. Without going into too much personal det...
Amanda vs. “Ana” Part 1
2 years ago
If you are familiar with the nickname, (for lack of a better term) Ana, I want to first and foremost apologize to you because that means you are for some reason familiar with Anorexia, just like me, A...