Ashley Peterson

Nurse, mental health blogger, and person living with mental illness.  Proud stigma warrior!  Author of the upcoming book Psych Meds Made Simple, available Feb 4/19 on Amazon – find out more on my blog

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Naming Our Emotions
6 days ago
What are emotions and how do we describe them? Often it's not a subject we give much thought to. Even within the field of psychology there are various theories espoused by various researchers. Some em...
It's All in Your Head?
20 days ago
Sometimes people's symptoms related to mental illness are dismissed as being "all in your head." This is perhaps most common when it comes to physical symptoms of anxiety. We hear it from loved ones, ...
Merry Blue Christmas
23 days ago
Are you spending Christmas alone? Hey, me too! We've all got our stories for why we might be having a blue Christmas alone, and chances are there are a lot of common themes amongst our stories. Here's...
The Trauma Hijack
a month ago
We've all heard of the fight or flight response. What's not as well known is the freeze response that's also a potential automatic response to danger. This is particularly relevant in the #metoo era t...
Understanding Narcissistic Abuse
a month ago
The term narcissism comes from the story in Greek mythology of Narcissus, who fell in love and became obsessed with his own reflection in a pool. In modern usage, narcissist may refer to a personality...
The Frightening Consequences of Childhood Trauma
a month ago
It's no secret that abuse and neglect in childhood cause damage to the child. It's unsurprising that psychological harm could persist for many years. What is less known, though, is the profound connec...