Ava McCoy

Mother, artist, survivor, chronic Illness and mental  health struggles... 

I love to write. Some of my stories are personal ones. Sharing my history and challenges,  advocating for other survivors. 

 I love horror films and gaming

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Do You Really Understand?
3 months ago
I want to keep it brief here, I have a request of all who do not struggle with any mental illness. To begin, let's discuss the issue of true understanding. I hear it often, "I understand"... it's the ...
Normal, Childhood Trauma Style
8 months ago
If you've read any of my pieces in the past you probably know I'm a childhood trauma survivor. I grew up in an extremely dysfunctional, abusive and terrifying home. Life started out a bit more average...
The Weight of PTSD
10 months ago
My Fellow PTSD Sufferers: This is not an advice piece. Let me say that first. Nor is it a "how to" for overcoming PTSD. This is me talking to those of you who get it, this life, this pain... it's for ...
Life with Agoraphobia and Panic Disorder
a year ago
I am a diagnosed Agoraphobic. Yep, I'm going to share my experience, or some of it I guess. But while secure behind my keyboard tucked away in my "safe zone". I'm sure some will picture me as a perpet...