Ayesha Javed

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I Survived
a year ago
I’ve kept so much to myself since the last three years. That was never me, I always loved to share myself with other people. Things changed though and i became very silent but now i feel the need to s...
The Girl with the Many Tattoos
a year ago
The greatest thing about depression is that it makes you feel that things can never be any other way. The hopelessness is so profound, no amount of external coercion can reason it away. I used to feel...
Joy? Is That You?
a year ago
Everyone used to tell me that I could be happy again. It felt like they could never understand what I was going through so wouldn’t really know. It felt like they were too delusional and if they felt ...
Coping With Panic Attacks
a year ago
As someone who has frequent panic attacks I am always in need for ways to deal with them and, when I’m going through one, lead them to conclusion. I live alone and helping myself through and out of on...
My Great Escape
a year ago
When the burden of the conversation became too great, I quickly made the necessary excuses and ended the call, allowed the tears to dampen my face—and it seems my spirit—for only a moment longer after...
Depression and Dissociation; A Story of a Cruel Coalition
a year ago
We’ve all heard the sayings, the motivational quotes, the words that guide you to look at the positive. Time is a magnificent creature, they tell me, and in its passing, you may heal. What if you no l...