bella klatt

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My ED Treatment Story
4 months ago
In December of 2017, I had started to use disordered eating habits. My boyfriend and I weren't doing well at all and this happened to be the way that I coped with it. I lost about 16 pounds in two to ...
4. Depression
5 months ago
I've been depressed for about five years. For me, my depression doesn't really go away. It just gets better or worse. I was already very depressed from being in treatment for anorexia for three months...
5. Acceptance
5 months ago
Acceptance is the fifth and final step of the grieving process. It is when you accept the reality of your loss and understand that there’s nothing you can do to change it. It took me a very long time ...
The Backstory
5 months ago
It’s Saturday, July 14, 2018 around 6 in the morning. I wake up to a phone call from my brother, Ryan, telling me something happened to my older sister, Katie. “Go wake up Dad! I tried calling Mom but...