C.C. Curtis

Enjoys lounging in NYC bars, loves traveling to foreign countries, and volunteers at the homeless shelter twice a month.

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Must Have Apps That Combat Depression and Anxiety
a year ago
Dealing with depression and anxiety truly is a struggle, especially if you face them everyday. They basically take away your mood, ruin your day, and your productivity to go out there and make positiv...
Most Moving Films About Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
2 years ago
There are films out there that can really touch your heart through the storyline. These are certainly among the best movies, and they deserve all the awards for creating heartfelt stories, especially ...
Signs of Depression in Young Women
2 years ago
Most of us know how common depression is. People ranging from all ages can suffer with the mental disease — whether you're a 70-year-old women or a 22-year-old man. It doesn't matter what age you are,...