Carlos Fox

What to Expect During Detox Treatment
4 months ago
If you’re considering getting help with your substance abuse problem, know that you’re already taking an amazing, courageous step just to think about it. Detoxing isn’t easy, but with the right help, ...
Can a Personal Injury Affect Your Mental Health?
4 months ago
Personal injuries can deeply affect your mental health. The physical and psychological trauma our bodies encounter after an injury can trigger serious mental health challenges like anxiety and depress...
Why You Should Find a Great Local Therapist
4 months ago
We all have our own ways of dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, and other emotional issues that can get in the way of leading a good life. Some of them involve healthy decisions ...
Group Therapy vs. Individual Counseling: Differences and Benefits
4 months ago
In the United States, we have a clear and considerable need for mental health services. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 50 percent of all Americans are dia...