Carolann Sherwood

Professional nurse for over 40 years

Owned a children's daycare, eight years

Owned an upper scale clothing resale shop

A freelance writer 

Editor since 2010 on a writing platform site

A published author, "Return To The Past" available on Amazon

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Do You Have OCD?
10 months ago
I joke with my friends and family about "My OCD" trait, so I wanted to take a good look at this pesky trait and find out what I could about this so-called disorder that may plague me sometimes and man...
Panic Attacks, No Laughing Matter
a year ago
Side effects you can possibly always count on with most medicines: NAUSEA, VOMITING, AND YES, DIARRHEA! Taking medication to alleviate an illness or disease process is likely to cause these three side...
a year ago
Nurses have areas of expertise that provide them personal enjoyment in their career. These particular niche areas are limitless. This niche can focus on one or more of the following: Mental Health Chi...