Cheyenne Spring

I'm a 19 year old female who's body is 95% anxiety & 5% sass.

I want to help people deal with their anxiety and make people laugh. I still havent learned how to deal with my anxiety but I'm on the road to bettering myself☺

Life Changes
4 months ago
Anxiety is a bitch. Sorry for the language but that is the only word I could come up with to capture what it's really like. Lately, I have been doing things that my anxiety is not very happy with. Alt...
Relationships With Anxiety
9 months ago
Having anxiety and being in a relationship is hard. Anxiety is something that the person dealing with doesn't necessarily understand, but it is even more difficult for the significant other to underst...
To the World
10 months ago
Dear world, I guess we have different views on what it means to have anxiety. The word anxiety gets thrown around because people believe it's something simple and uncomplicated. It has no actual impac...