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The Benefits of Being Realistic Over Being Positive
16 days ago
How many people believe the key to a well-balanced treatment plan or overcoming an obstacle starts with having a positive attitude? Even though a positive attitude can be a very good quality or person...
A Little Self Care Goes a Long Way
a month ago
The holiday season can be a great time of the year for some, it can also be a dreaded time of the year for others. That is why you should remember to exercise self care whether it's an all day activit...
Addiction Getting to the Core Issue
2 months ago
One major thing which people rarely take into consideration when it comes to the topic of addiction is the reason behind what caused the addiction in the first place. Instead they see the results of a...
Why Medication is Only Half the Battle
2 months ago
Like the title states, medication is only half of the battle; granted it’s still a very important aspect, but it's not the only thing. The more effectively you can implement other things into your tre...
Big Pharma Is Actually a Big Help
3 months ago
One of the biggest issues in today's world is taking pharmaceutical medications for mental health issues. Many times, people either feel medication will make their children a drug addict, or that medi...
The Art of ADHDing
3 months ago
With ADHD and other mental health issues, what works for one person does not necessarily have the same effectiveness for another. Which is why it's important to understand what you need to do in the a...