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Mental Health Awareness From a Different Perspective
3 months ago
Sometimes we're powerless about the things we come into contact with in our daily lives. We are, however, in control of how we react to these things and how we let those things it into our life. Wheth...
Big Pharma Facts VS Fiction
4 months ago
How many people reading this have heard the evils of "Big Pharma"? I'm thinking that just like me, you've heard less good things than you’ve heard bad things, right? Even though the pharmaceutical ind...
Stop Using God as an Excuse to Discriminate
4 months ago
One of the most dangerous beliefs a person can have is that you can pray away mental illness. Religion, just like any other type of relationship, can be either healthy or toxic. Even though faith may ...
Bell's "Let's Talk" Campaign Puts a Much Needed Face on Mental Health Awareness
6 months ago
One thing that I've noticed about every job that I've held is the measure of intolerance that exists in today's workplace towards people who are diagnosed with a mental illness. The unfortunate truth ...
The Benefits of Being Realistic Over Being Positive
6 months ago
How many people believe the key to a well-balanced treatment plan or overcoming an obstacle starts with having a positive attitude? Even though a positive attitude can be a very good quality or person...
A Little Self Care Goes a Long Way
7 months ago
The holiday season can be a great time of the year for some, it can also be a dreaded time of the year for others. That is why you should remember to exercise self care whether it's an all day activit...