Christina St-Jean

I'm a high school English and French teacher who trains in the martial arts and works towards continuous self-improvement.

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March Is Self-Injury Awareness Month
5 months ago
Tomorrow is the first of March, and for many, that can mean a lot of great things, including the fact that spring is not far away. However, it also means we need to start a dialogue that plagues milli...
Unless You've Been Where Demi Lovato Is, Stand Down
a year ago
If I was to be completely honest, I've never been a huge fan of Demi Lovato. Don't get me wrong. The woman's got a serious set of pipes and is an amazing singer. I admire that. What I have admired more in recent months is her outspokenness when it comes to mental health and addiction. She's been honest about the stuff she's dealt with over the last few years, and she's really become someone for young people to admire. She's someone to admire not just for her singing ability - what she's dealt wi...
National Addictions Awareness Week 2017: Addiction Affects All of Us
2 years ago
I am the daughter of an alcoholic. I am not in unique company, but certainly those of us who are related to someone who struggles with addiction know for sure the baggage that comes with it. There are...
Mental Illness Isn't Going Away
2 years ago
I have anxiety, and like many people with any sort of chronic ailment, I have good days and bad ones. However, something I've discovered over the years is that the tolerance, for lack of a better term...
Staying Strong When Anxiety Looms Large
2 years ago
It was bad enough when I was diagnosed with anxiety in 2010; I never once suspected that my daughter would also have it. I honestly thought that it was something I could handle all on my own, and I wa...