Chuck Hinson

Chuck Hinson is a freelance writer who also works as a record promoter and press agent for musical acts in the US, Australia and the UK.  

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Tomorrow Needs You!
20 days ago
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be alone in an empty room, with no doors or windows and all the walls closing in on you slowly? Well, that's what millions of bipolar patients are fee...
We Can ALL Be Winners Despite Our Diagnosis
a month ago
"But I don't know WHY I feel this way. Do you think I could be bipolar or something?" That's the first question I asked my counselor when, years ago, my life was full of inexplicable ups and downs. He...
More Tips on Winning, Despite Our Bipolar Diagnosis
a month ago
Before we begin this installment, let's review some of the highlights of the last one: An activity that can help us keep our diagnosis under control is to keep a written journal of how we're feeling. ...
We're Gonna Win, Despite Our Bipolar Diagnosis!
a month ago
In my last post, I listed a number of toll-free numbers that we can use in the event we need someone to talk to, and help us through a "cycle" (the word's used to describe either a manic or depressive...
YOU'RE GONNA WIN, Despite Your Bipolar Diagnosis!
a month ago
While it's true that bipolar disorder is incurable, there are things we can do to handle it successfully and live a happier and more stable emotional life. So, before I begin this second article, let'...
I'm Gonna Win, Despite Being Bipolar!
a month ago
Although my psychiatrist diagnosed me as being bipolar back in 2015, I was neither told of nor treated for it until three years later. The explanation for the delay was simple: My files were "lost in ...