Claire Peters

Personality and Behavior Changes After an Accident
12 days ago
When you suffer a life-changing accident, you’ll begin to notice some changes. Not only will you need to recover from whatever physical injury you have suffered, but you’ll need to recover mentally an...
Getting Better Together: The Benefits of Group Therapy
4 months ago
Mental health issues are not new, but many of the ways that we think about, and deal with them, are. Society has changed quite a bit, and the ever-learning mind has a lot to process, in this ever-expa...
How to Fight Back Against Depression
4 months ago
When you’re depressed, it can feel like your condition is in complete control of your life. Depression makes us feel sad and empty, and it drains us of our energy. Things that once brought us joy no l...
Experiential Therapies for Teens
4 months ago
There are tried and true treatments in the mental health world, and these work for many people. Yet every medical discipline is always seeking out innovations that can provide even more help for those...
How Therapy Could Change Your Life
5 months ago
Substance abuse is something many people struggle with. It is all too easy to get started and far harder to stop and go back. For some people, beating a substance abuse addiction can seem hopeless, bu...
Finding a Therapist in New York City
5 months ago
More than eight and a half million people live in New York City. Sometimes, it can feel like every one of them is stressed out. Here in New York, we deal with gridlocked traffic, a deteriorating subwa...