Courtney Lowry

Courtney Lowry is a recent graduate from SCAD Atlanta with a BFA in Photography. Her writing touches based on issues other shy away from such as black rights, womens rights, and mental health stigmas. Instagram: @courtneyllowry

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Locations Have Trauma, Too
18 days ago
Revisiting trauma can be an important step in healing, but is it really necessary to heal? During a recent trip, I realized that bad memories and anxiety still nestled itself in the place that I was g...
Why I Stopped Taking My Anxiety Medication... and Started Again
6 months ago
I stopped taking my medication in October. Fed up with the fog my medication often put me in, I stopped taking my daily 10mg of Lexapro. I felt like I was out of control. I felt like I wasn’t myself. ...
What Having Anxiety Is Like During the Holidays
7 months ago
For those who struggle with their mental health, the holidays can be a stressful time. From the pressures to buy gifts for friends and family to the overload of “living my best life moments” broadcast...
3 YA Novels That Raise Awareness for Mental Health
7 months ago
I’m 21, and I’m not ashamed to say that I still read YA. It’s just something about the wide-eyed optimism of finding “the one” in high school or the triumphant stories of overcoming hallway bullies th...
Start Checking In on Your Friends
7 months ago
About two weeks ago, I found out through Instagram that a friend had committed suicide. I was in Orlando, at Universal Studios, a place where families were laughing. Lights flashed. Kids screamed. Fir...