Dagny Desiree

A broken soul trying to mend herself back together.

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My Steps to Getting Sober!
9 days ago
Are you or someone you know trying to get sober? I'm going to give you the straight up truth on how that usually goes down or, well, how it went down for me. I'm laying it down in steps for ya to make...
8 Months Free
10 days ago
Free from drowning in alcohol and drugs and the constant need to party with friends. Free from the worry of where my next fix is going to come from. Free from the need to pour whiskey and diet Pepsi i...
We Moved!
7 months ago
What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do? I've gotten myself though abuse, addictions, and suicidal thoughts; now, I'm getting myself through a move. A month ago, I moved to a new town to start ...
Emotional Eating​
7 months ago
Did you know eating chips can boost your serotonin levels in your brain thus making you feel happier? Yup, It’s true! I read along time ago that the crunch of chips or candy boosts the serotonin in yo...
7 months ago
Have you ever thought of suicide? I attempted to commit suicide a total of three times. Every time was scary. My first story was a short explanation of what had happened. But in real life, these simpl...
7 months ago
I had a feeling of need to tell my story today; I don't know why but I am going with it, so here it is! OK guys I wanna tell you a story of a completely broken girl. It’s real, it’s messy and maybe ha...