Dustin Murphy

Dustin is a Video Games and Entertainment Journalist. His Works can be found on Blast Away the Game Review, Comingsoon, GameRevolution, and CraveOnline. You Can Email Him at [email protected]

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Depression, Video Games, Bipolar Disorder — And A Few Smiles Later
10 months ago
Depression. It's a word that most of us recoil from or shrug off whenever we hear it mentioned. It's a state of mind that most of us respond to with a hasty "get over it." If only it were that simple ...
Let's Talk About Mental Health In Gamers and What the Video Game Industry Does About It
10 months ago
Gamers. We need to have a serious conversation. I'm not talking about the conversation you'd have with your mom, dad, cousin, uncle, sister, brother, or whoever about dating or sex. I'm talking about ...
Video Games, Depression, and a Seemingly Unlikely Way to Cope
10 months ago
If I sat here typing this ten years ago, I couldn't tell you where I'd be, how I'd feel, and what I'd want to feel. It's a reality that 2.6% (roughly 5.6 million people) of the American Population a y...
Dear Younger Self: You're Not Alone and That's Okay
10 months ago
Years upon years ago, I felt the world was too big for me. A part of me even felt I wasn't meant to be a part of it. Years ago I also suffered more from depression than I do now. This is a story of mi...
The Long Dark Road: How Being a Creator and Playing DOOM Has Helped Save My Life
10 months ago
If you were to know me, you would find me to be that funny friend, that one that would be known as the class-clown goof, and the one that would eventually stop being funny from day-to-day. You would n...