Elijah Taylor

I’m an aspiring  screen-writer!


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6 days ago
Disappointing people has always been my forte. First, I disappointed my father by being gay. Then I disappointed my mother by not being her. Then my grandfather, by trying to start something for mysel...
9 days ago
Belief means something different to everyone. We all need someone or something to believe in, that keeps us fighting—waking up each day with a purpose. Most importantly, we need to be believed in. Whe...
16 days ago
Expression means something different to everyone: Some dance, some sing, some write, and some draw. I do all of these things. I find it soothing; therapeutic. Lately, I have been feeling unable to exp...
20 days ago
We go through life alone, whether we like it or not. Friends, family, relationships, none of it is real because no one truly knows one another. We all have various versions of ourselves that we displa...
One Kiss
a month ago
It's amazing how one kiss can change your life, for better or for worse. Kissing is supposed to be healthy and improve a number of different things for you; that intimacy. Intimacy is something that I...
2 months ago
What is love? If you ask that question, you'll get responses like: "Loving someone unconditionally." "Being there for someone through thick and thin." "Displays of how you're feeling such as flowers o...