Fellow Knee

Paraplegic artist that has been through more than 20 men go through in a lifetime. I want to share my life stories with you to let you "live my life" through my stories

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Life of an Addict (Pt. 4)
4 days ago
I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Let me go back to where and when, I decided to take the road to ruin. I was a good child brought up by two wonderful parents. I have a sister who is seven years m...
Life of an Addict (Pt. 3)
9 days ago
After spending a little over a month in the hospital, and another month and some days in a rehab center, I finally got to go home. It wasn't the "welcome home" I'd hoped for, considering I had gotten ...
Life of an Addict (Pt. 2)
13 days ago
Hearing the Doctor tell me that I had shattered my L1 vertebrae and was paralyzed from the waist down was an indescribable feeling. You think I would have been crushed, numbed or brought to the though...