Hadley Frances

Hello! I am a writer/artist by night, or rather by the hours I do not spend as a full time nanny. I strive to write with a mix of honesty and hope of the eating disorder I battle, beloved people around me, and other sundry things. Love, H. 

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Little Girl Wild
4 months ago
Closing my eyes, I sit cross-legged on the purple suede cushion, and I wonder, what would she think of me? The room is dimmed, I've lit several candles, the bungalow is clean and I have fed myself. I ...
Surviving with Food
5 months ago
I am having body-image-shit-thoughts again. Lethal combo of period-brain and when the weather turns icy I want to eat more to insulate myself from the chill winter world (because human instincts OBVIO...
Pasta is Love
5 months ago
I've been in the Grey Place for awhile now. The Grey Place: a state of mind defined by hopelessness and a listless lack of motivation, accompanied by a deep and certain sense of failure. The Grey Plac...