Indigo Soul

Indigo Soul was born and raised in NYC and prides herself on her ability to connect to everyone deeply. As a Master Life Coach, raising awareness and writing is a passion that leads her to the share and connect with people around the world.
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Foolproof Guide to Break the Cycle
8 days ago
Have you ever felt like you don't recognize the person you've become? Or trapped in a situation, circumstance or relationship? This thought process of feeling trapped in doing what you think you need ...
Unmistakable Signs That Love Has Your Mind Hostage
3 months ago
Have you been oblivious to the signs and red flags for the sake of love? Do you or others notice how it has affected you? When love evicts the mind from the brain, it can be quite a damaging experienc...
The Ultimate Empath Checklist Guide
7 months ago
Have you been sensitive most of your life? Were you teased for being highly sensitive and hated the way you were treated. Highly Sensitive People is another term for Empath. The latter is the more pos...