Jon Lambo

“Keep your head down low and your hopes up high.”


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The Dark Side of the INFJ
2 months ago
I am an INFJ. If you are unfamiliar about what an INFJ means, then I urge you to read my other article, Inside the Mind of the INFJ, then come back to finish this. Everyone's personality evolves over ...
The Feeler
6 months ago
*face palm* This was such a poor choice for a title... The Feeler is one that understands everyone. They have a strange talent of being able to place themselves in other people's shoes. What I mean by...
The Introvert
6 months ago
I've been an introvert my whole life. Even since I was a young child I remember just being quiet. Now with that being said I feel I need to clarify that there is a difference from being an introvert a...
Inside the Mind of an INFJ
7 months ago
I am an INFJ. Being an INFJ is some what of a curse and a blessing. From random people on the bus setting down telling me their entire life story to always being depressed to hating the very thought o...