Jordan Holt

I write based on my personal experiences and emotions. As a sufferer of clinical depression and anxiety and also a recovering alcoholic and dabbler in all things mind altering, I share my hurt and hope with those that care to listen.

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Progress, Not Perfection in the Cities
9 months ago
It all happens so fucking fast. One minute you’re swimming through a fiery field of frantic forever agos and the next minute, that memory has been paved over and turned into a parking lot of endless h...
The Slow Motion Circus
9 months ago
It’s a helpless mind that wanders so completely that it cannot retrace steps or patterns. Events and places from my past seem to be fleeting back and forth between conscious enigma and the reality for...
Drunk Dream #1
9 months ago
I find myself scared too often for no reason. I feel tears forming up in my eyes too many times for absolutely no reason at all. Maybe I remember something from years ago or my chronic deja vu pours a...