Katelynn Barnes

Honestly, I don't figure I'll be here much. My mental health is at a low, my family has since been hit with devastating news, and to be honest...I'm not really seeing the results I expected. So I'm walking away for a bit to focus on me...

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The Reality of Living with Mental Illnesses
9 months ago
Mental illness can be classified as many things from anxiety all the way to serious psychological issues, and believe it or not most of the people you know probably suffer from mental health issues. I...
The War With the Monster
a year ago
We all know that foggy feeling in our heads or the moment when everything seems to be rushing by so damn fast. That moment your heart quickens and your palms get all sweaty. That moment you start to h...
Social Anxiety or Introverted?
a year ago
In a society that's all about being fun and spontaneous, it can be difficult having social anxiety or just being an introvert. These are two terms that are often mixed up together. The question is are...
Cosplay: Fun or Therapy…or How About Both
a year ago
Can cosplay really be used as therapy or is just for fun? I'm here to answer that.