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 Besides working and being a mom, my passion is writing! Enjoy this journey! Feel free to email me!

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The Life I Never Asked For (Pt. 2)
8 months ago
I had sat a year in the juvenile prison, I was considered a repeat offender and a criminal. I honestly didn't care, because I was safe. I sure did my fair share of dumb things, and getting myself a cr...
Life Was Such a Blur
8 months ago
For so many years, I would party and do insane things. I was a risk taker, impulsive, didn't care about the consequences of my actions, and never cared who got hurt. I was a delinquent. I had no respe...
The Life I Never Asked For
9 months ago
As children, we were always taught to trust our parents, to respect our elders, and to appreciate what we had. However, for myself, that was the most difficult set of expectations anyone could ask of ...