Kelly Mcaulley

an actor and writer, native of New York. 

Why I Write
9 months ago
#WHYIWRITE I take responsibility for about half of what I've been through. I say half because what I've dealt with has been beyond my control, like health and grief. But the other half is my fault. Do...
I Woke up Like This
10 months ago
“I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” (Feb. 2017) I hesitate to share this photo. In fact, this photo was taken in February 2011. I’ve hesitated for six years. As I write this, I haven’t slept in three weeks. Actuall...
Hostage Situation
a year ago
This is from a real video. It’s from exactly ten years ago; April 2007. Earlier on this day that this video was made, I had an important meeting at school with the board of education to examine my pro...