Lewis Jefferies

Film Industries and Creative Writing student at the University of Portsmouth.

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Why An ‘EastEnders’ Episode This Week Has Helped My Mental Health
3 months ago
Note: this article contains personal mental health experiences that may be distressing for some. Sean Slater’s [Robert Kazinsky] short return to the BBC One soap EastEnders has been an interesting one...
My Mental Health Reached Breaking Point and I Almost Never Saw Christmas 2018
7 months ago
Mentally and physically, it was a rough night. From forty mile an hour winds to high waves, this night changed my life in two ways. My life could have ended, but instead made me realise I’m not alone....
I Used to Think I Sounded Stupid When Talking About My Mental Illness
a year ago
I woke up this morning still in recovery from a recent anxiety attack. The attack happened at work in front of my colleagues, and to me, I made a fool of myself in front of everyone not knowing what w...