Livie Rose Hollander

LGBTQ+ and Mental Health Advocate. Sharing stories of mental illness to reduce stigma and promote recovery. Healing is possible!

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The Problem with Diet Culture
12 days ago
This is not medical advice. All opinions in this article are based on personal experience and independent research. If you have any concerns about you or someone you know, please seek the appropriate ...
Borderline for Beginners
14 days ago
Any information given is based upon my experience and is not to replace medical or psychiatric care. Borderline personality disorder is a complex mental illness that is often misunderstood. Often, a d...
Helping Your Child With Mental Illness
16 days ago
I was 13 the first time anyone noticed I was struggling. My grades in school started to slip, I lost friends, and I began to isolate myself. It was scary to have people ask me questions and want to ch...