Lorraine Woiak

I am a psychology and music major at the University of North Dakota. As a part of the Army ROTC program, I am working towards a career as a military psychologist. 

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Why Children Need to Learn About Psychology
3 months ago
We strive to preserve the innocence of children the best we can, shielding them from the horrors of life. But is this actually hurting them? Pain is inevitable. Poor mental health does not have to be.
Men and Mental Health
3 months ago
We often hear stories and statistics about women suffering from mental illnesses. But oftentimes, men are sidelined in this conversation. The stigma around mental health often hurts the chances of peo...
Seasonal Affective Disorder
8 months ago
Does the winter season feel like it is just dragging on? Do you find that depression hits you during this time of the year? Are you just not yourself? The winter blues can effect anyone. Psychologist ...
The Hardest Talk
8 months ago
Talking to your significant other about your suicidal thoughts is one of the hardest thing you can do. You fear what it will do to them and to your relationship. But it also can help quiet those voice...
Language and Mental Health
a year ago
We all have used words to emphasize how we feel. "I feel depressed." "I'm OCD." "I'm having a panic attack." However, using language like this in everyday life may have a negative impact on those with...
Psychology Myths
a year ago
Thanks to movies, social media, and poorly executed experiments, there are many rumors about psychology that hurt the field or those suffering from mental illness. Here are just a few myths you may ha...