Lydia B.

I love writing even if I'm not great. I've lost almost everything else I care about...

I also write fan fictions! Check it out and come back to tip me if you like it!

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This Is Me Asking for Help
10 days ago
I've never had very much... I won't lie about that, but I've always found ways to be at least a little happy. From a young age, I was always different, always made fun of for my weight, how I was as a...
Anxious? Always
a year ago
Do you have more than one day a week that you'd rather avoid people or going out entirely? Do you freak yourself out over what MIGHT happen if you go to a party and only one person you know will be th...
As I Lay Here
a year ago
As I've laid here so many times, as I wish not to move. My life has been much like this pillow I hold so tightly, soft but mostly dark. I have always wondered whether my decisions were my own or if I ...