Lydia Catherine

Lover of sloths and cheesecake, active in the BDSM scene and living with mental illness. You'll probably find me nesting in a local coffee shop, since coffee keeps me alive. 

In Case You Don't Understand
10 months ago
In case you don't understand, some things are out of my control. I equate having bipolar disorder to being forced to split time between being stuck in a hurricane and stuck in a dark cave. In case you...
Should Mental Illness Be Treated the Same as a Physical Illness?
a year ago
The short answer: Yes. Please allow me to persuade you to agree with me. The Long Answer: Mental illness affects an astounding (and increasing) number of people across North America. 1 in 5 people in ...
POV: Anorexia Nervosa
a year ago
I told another lie today. A small one, so I could skip the food that my friends stuffed into their huge mouths. I stood up from the table, clutching my green tea, hands shaking. I told them I was goin...
Read This if You Think Mental Health Is a Joke
a year ago
According to Statistics Canada, as of 2014, over 2,300,000 people were diagnosed with a mood disorder (1). That's approximately 6.3% of the population. The CMHO states that as many as 1 in 5 children ...