Marie Osuamoh

I am what I am. 🤪 ok jokes aside, I’m a 25 year old british Nigerian, with cyclothymia. Trying to understand and navigate life, through music, art and everything in between. 

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Wahalalafia (Pt. 11)
7 days ago
I’m thinking of going away for a while. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to jump off a bridge.) What I mean by go away, is that I want to really meditate on who Marie is. Wahalalafia will come, of course, ...
Wahalalafia (Pt. 10)
11 days ago
Heyyy sorry for the delay. I think I want a dog, or a cat, and I'm going to name her Ignatia, or if it's a he, Ignatius. I love really random, crazy names. I'm so tired. exhausted. I've just come in a...
Wahalalafia (Pt. 9)
18 days ago
Hey, I had a bad dream, so I thought to myself, hey why don’t I write? At the moment, I’m looking into reading affirmations, specifically Christian ones. Don't worry, I'm not going to preach to you ha...
Wahalalafia (Pt. 8)
21 days ago
Hey. Now I'm irritated. I had an amazing blog, in which I wrote about Mother Music, and guess what, it was deleted! Now I have to start again! So anyway, I have to do it again. I find that I'm at my m...
Wahalalafia (Pt. 7)
23 days ago
Hey all. I’m feeling hungry, but I’m also feeling optimistic. I think Opty has given me an optimism sandwich. I really should stop talking about food, it’s making me crazy I think I’ll visit an art ga...
Wahalalalfia (Pt. 6)
a month ago
I'm bored and hungry right now, after taking a break after doing some radio work. I may get this job. Who knows. I’ll make some food in a minute. Now, I’m talking to someone on an app on which we talk...