Marissa Hall

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Addressing Mental Health
6 days ago
There have been too many mass shooting in the year of 2019. That's not even counting the ones that were on the news for weeks: Sandy Hook, Columbine, etc. So where does society go from here? The mass ...
Narcan Saves Lives
18 days ago
There a lot of issues that are stigmatized in society, whether it be mental illness, drugs, or other various health issues. That is just to name a few and I am sure there are tons more. So, why did so...
10 months ago
I work in the mental health field as a Behavioral Health Technician (BHT). Full discloser, I am not a therapist and I am not a licensed counselor. However, I do eventually want to go back to go and st...
Mental Health Stigma
a year ago
I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychological Sciences from Northern Arizona University. While everyone was worried about what they were going to do after graduation, I was blessed to already have ...