Mina LeAnn

welcome to my page! i write mostly about eating disorders and other mental illnesses. thank you for taking the time to read my work

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Four Steps to Pulling Yourself out of a Relapse
a year ago
Relapse is a completely normal part of recovery. Everyone has bumps in the road and moments where they slip back into behaviors that they’re trying so hard to stop. Some relapses may seem harder or la...
10 Symptoms Nobody Told You About Eating Disorders
a year ago
With eating disorders, there are a few symptoms and actions that are talked about quite frequently, such as weight loss, purging, and food restriction. However, there are many more habits and symptoms...
You Can’t Purge Reality
a year ago
There is a large community of people online who are recovering from eating disorders. It’s beautiful how so many different people, from so many different places, with so many vastly different lives ca...