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Living With My Bi-Polar Mother
7 months ago
My mother recently got worse mentally. It happened so fast that I felt like the ground was taken from beneath my feet. Just two days after my mother went into crisis, I had a disturbing dream: I dream...
5 Ways to Cope with PTSD
7 months ago
It’s been three years now since something happened, something so bad that it gave me PTSD. Three years later, and I’m doing okay these days. I haven’t forgotten what has happened, but I seem to be for...
10 Things Not to Say to Someone with Anxiety
7 months ago
If you are reading this you either have anxiety or genuinely want to know what NOT to say to someone with anxiety. If you have anxiety... Don't worry, you are not alone. If you are here because you ar...
Embarrassing ADHD Confessions
8 months ago
I was diagnosed with ADHD just before I went to college. My parents and I were heavily realized because it also explains my emotional outbursts. I didn't know much about ADHD at the time, but since th...
Why the 911 Help Line Isn't Enough
8 months ago
Whenever someone famous commits suicide, I see a lot of people who post or re-post the suicide hotline number. While it is important, appreciated and a very very good thing to do... it also a way to d...
10 Items Every Person With ADHD/ADD Should Have
8 months ago
I started writing this just hoping to to say how much I love my new wallet and key finding devices, but over time it turned into something much bigger than that ... it turns out that I have a lot of t...