Natalie C..

I am a young writer who lets her creative flow through her writing. I tend to write on the darker side of topics because a lot of people don't. I have a darker imagination than most people. 

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3 months ago
This story begins with a sad beginning, with a mom dropping off her little girl at school that morning. The school day went on and on leading to the freedom from school, as the bell rings and all the ...
Depression Awareness
6 months ago
Depression is a hard topic to talk about in general. People who suffer from depression most of the time have another mental illness or disorder along with it. "350 million people worldwide suffer from...
Suicide Awareness
6 months ago
For the last year and a half, I have had a lot of my close friends give up hope. Many of them tell me that their lives aren’t going to get better. Every single one of them fears that they would be jud...
Anxiety Speech
6 months ago
All over the world, people suffer from anxiety, but what actually is anxiety? There are people who do not exactly understand or know what it is like to have an actual anxiety disorder. Frankly, a lot ...
Schizophrenia Awareness
6 months ago
Today I am going to talk about a mental health disorder that a lot of the time gets misunderstood. When it comes to this mental health disorder, people always think about the worst cases, but what abo...
PTSD Awareness
6 months ago
All over the world, people suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD. "To be exact, 5.2 million people do." When I say PTSD, I know most of you are thinking about people who have ...