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Best Apps for Anyone Living With Anxiety
a year ago
Anxiety is a mental illness that can harm even the most emotionally strong people once it takes root. I ought to know; I've got trauma-induced anxiety alongside PTSD, and have been struggling with it ...
Best Movies About Eating Disorders
a year ago
My waistline and I are mortal enemies—and chances are, we always will be. I struggle with my weight. I struggle with the memories of facing verbal abuse from people, just because of the number on my p...
Apps To Help You Cope With Addiction
a year ago
Addiction is one of the most brutal diseases out there, and you often don't realize how deep you're in until you hit rock bottom. Realizing you have a problem is usually the time you realize you need ...
What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
a year ago
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, has become a hot topic in the world of mental health. It's been called a breakthrough form of therapy that could easily help the people who are suffering lead a b...
Things You Should Never Say to Someone with an Anxiety Disorder
a year ago
Having an anxiety disorder isn't something most people would understand unless they experience it themselves. They won't understand that constant feeling of being on edge, nor would they understand ho...
Recognizable Symptoms of Bipolar Depression
a year ago
Prior to being diagnosed with a hormone disorder, doctors who I went to were completely and totally convinced that I was bipolar. I can totally see why they thought I was; the hormone disorder I had m...