Paige Graffunder

Paige is an administrative and HR professional in Seattle, as well as a contributor to several local publications around the city, focused on politics, business, satire, and internet sub-culture.

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Finding Light in Darkness
11 days ago
I am an atheist. I hold to no gods, no faith, no religion. I don’t have a problem with people finding faith comforting, but I don’t believe in proselytizing and I think that “mission trips” are just a...
10 Things I Obsess About
a month ago
I have OCD, and it's a thing that I struggle with daily. It is a byproduct of another disorder, but that doesn't make its teeth any less sharp. I wanted today to talk about some of the things that I o...
Adapting to Now
a month ago
I am going to start this off with a little bit of personal history, but before I do, I wanted to add a couple of trigger warnings. I know that talking about this stuff can be triggering to some people...
Physician, Heal Thy Self
8 months ago
I have kept a journal since I was old enough to know how to write. I have documented almost every moment of my whole life, and more importantly than that, I have recorded my feelings on the things tha...
The Things That Keep Me Breathing
9 months ago
There is a Predator in my brain. Sometimes it is quiet, dormant, napping, but it is always there. If I am not on guard, if I am not constantly vigilant, always on the ready, when it wakes up, it may k...
Desperate for the Need to Rise
9 months ago
I live in Seattle. That means during the winter it will rain almost every day, and the sun doesn't rise until after 7 AM and sets at 4 PM. This is only November, so as the year progresses towards the ...