Rachel Ann

I am here to share my story and hope to pick up some passengers on my journey to self-love. Let’s make this world an incredible place to live in by starting to take care of our mental health. 

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Keep Fighting
3 days ago
Trigger Warning: Please take caution before continuing to read. Thank you.
The Psychiatric Unit Visits (Pt. 1)
13 days ago
11/5/2018 Hello loves and welcome back to day 34. I realized from my last post that the wrong day was in there, but that’s okay. We’re back on track! I’m so sorry there was not a post for last week. I...
I'm Still Not Better
a month ago
Day 32 10/13/2018 Hello my loves, welcome back to day 32! I know a lot of you are waiting for my posts so I do apologize that I don’t post as often or have a certain day to post on. I write when I hav...
You're Not Alone
2 months ago
Day 30, 09/26/2018 Hello everyone, welcome back to day 30. With my new work schedule, I’m going to try to make at least one post per week. I love interacting with all of you. We help each other out. A...
I Hated My Teenage Self
2 months ago
Day 29, 09/21/2018 Hello to allow of my lovely followers and welcome to everyone who just joined our journey. I just want to thank you all for this incredible experience. With even just a few of you t...
How Sexual Violence Has Affected Me
2 months ago
Day 17 08/09/2018 TRIGGER WARNING Hey everyone, welcome back today 17. As each day passes, more of you are coming to me asking for advice or asking me how I dealt with certain situations. This may be ...