Rachel Ann

I am here to share my story and hope to pick up some passengers on my journey to self-love. Let’s make this world an incredible place to live in by starting to take care of our mental health. 

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Support Systems
a month ago
Once you are hospitalized in a psych ward, the main topics mentioned are coping mechanisms, triggers, and having a strong support system. It’s beyond me why they wait until after a crisis has occurred...
a month ago
Hello, lovely people of the world. I wanted to kind of backtrack a little bit and revisit the topic of communication skills. Near the end of that post, I mentioned that, when seeking advice for a cert...
Suicide Prevention Education
2 months ago
Due to recent events, I felt it was necessary to make more resources available on this topic. I am going to give this a trigger warning as this can be a very sensitive topic for many viewers. Instead ...
The Ultimate Hypocrite
9 months ago
Giving Advice to Others, but You Struggle to Help Yourself
Keep Fighting
9 months ago
Trigger Warning: Please take caution before continuing to read. Thank you.
The Psychiatric Unit Visits (Pt. 1)
10 months ago
11/5/2018 Hello loves and welcome back to day 34. I realized from my last post that the wrong day was in there, but that’s okay. We’re back on track! I’m so sorry there was not a post for last week. I...