Rachel Bonneval

I have Bipolar Disorder, & after a Manic Episode that lasted 3 months, and a 4 day stay in a Mental Hospital, I have been on the road to recovery, trying to survive each day, and get my life back. For myself, my marriage, & my kids. 

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3 Ways to Know If a Mental Hospital Is Right for You
2 days ago
Are you considering a Mental Hospital as treatment? If so, this list is the right article for you. First, I want you to think about a mental hospital. What's the first thing that comes to mind? For me...
12 days ago
I was going home right away. At least that what I had allowed myself to believe. I began smiling, so much so that it made my cheeks hurt. That was my first true blue, ear to ear smile since arriving a...
14 days ago
For the first time in my life, I was thankful for it to be Monday! I was guaranteed to see the doctor, and I was hopeful that today was the day I said goodbye to this place, once and for all. I had ev...
18 days ago
For five minutes I was able to escape into the showers, and feel the hot water, and stinging strength of the water pressure as it hit my skin. I washed up, and changed into my new clothes that my husb...
Not Today
19 days ago
I learned a magic trick that day. It was a card trick that the homeless man who I had become friends learned years ago, while on the streets in Tennessee. I was captivated by this particular trick, an...
The Breakfast Table
22 days ago
The breakfast table has always been the place where you connect the most with friends and family. It was a safe space to converse with people, while sharing stories and experiences without feeling jud...