Rebekah Gilmour

I'm told I'm loud and confident, but in reality I'm just saying all the wrong things loudly and confidently. These are all the things I wish I was brave enough to say in person.

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Combatting a Day with Depression
4 months ago
We all get them, low points—some worse than others. With depression, a particular low point could be paralysing...crippling. The hardest part? Not feeling like there is a way back out of it—feeling li...
The Tragedy of Relapse
4 months ago
When you're spiralling so fast, your mind cant keep up. Dizzy, entranced, and then it hits you. At 8AM, when you find yourself pulling apart a razor to free the blade while sitting in the bathtub, it ...
Finishing the Fight with Bulimia
5 months ago
Two years ago, I wouldn't be voluntarily sitting in a coffee shop like I am now. Heck, I would be trying every move possible to not have to go to a coffee shop. And then, just for considering eating f...
'Thirteen Reasons Why...' Is Doing Damage
7 months ago
*Preliminary warning: This article will address issues in relation to suicide and mental illness. If you think you may find this difficult to read, look after yourself and do what is best for your hea...
Positive Habits to Trump Mental Illness
9 months ago
Mental illness will either make or break you, to put it frankly. Knowing this is key to moving forward and pushing through it, rather than succumbing to its controlling tendencies—like I did, for a lo...
Why Depression Is the Best Thing That Could Happen to You
9 months ago
What comes to your mind when you consider depression? There are almost too many stereotypes. Top of the list: The All-Black, Soulless Goth. In second place, we have the person in full-time hibernation...