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Family Connections in White Plains Helps Families Through Borderline Personality Disorder
8 months ago
Imagine that the island stranding Tom Hanks in the film Castaway triggered a genetic predisposition to borderline personality disorder. The possibility of symptoms manifesting would be about as likely...
The Treehouse in Mt. Kisco and Bronxville Helps Children and Parents Cope with Tragedy
9 months ago
In the course of being kids, the expressions are the same—even in the face of tragedy. “They often look like they are doing Ok because they have to be kids first,” said Patricia Duff of the Bereavemen...
Eve Ensler accepts the Peter C. Alderman Humanitarian Award
a year ago
A world ravaged by war means millions around the world are left in a state of total devastation. It could be it broken bodies, destroyed livelihood or the breakdown of social structure. But unfortunat...
I Am Not Depressed
2 years ago
"This is what depression looks like," says the pharmaceutical commercial. As my blood boils, we see a pathetic looking person who looks simply like they've give up, thus validating what the strong hav...