sarah cay smith

just a college gal trying to survive. fluent in spanish and not so fluent in eating healthy. 

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People with Violent Intentions Need Help, Too.
4 months ago
As my sister sent a notice to our family group chat this morning, explaining why she didn't have to student teach today, I started to wonder why people are the way they are. If you're unaware of what ...
I Love You
5 months ago
It is with a heavy heart that I write this final piece. This final blog post of mine (it won’t be the last thing I write, just the last of this series; you can stay up to date with my writing on this website) is a rather hard and uncomfortable topic. It is a topic that makes many people feel useless and sad because looking from the outside, you always assume you could have done more. This video that I included was made and produced by the now seniors of the high school I graduated from in 2018. ...
Stop Romanticizing Mental Illness
5 months ago
I have walked through two very difficult deaths that were caused by mental illness. This is serious stuff—not funny, dramatic, or cute. It is extremely sensitive content, an issue that does not get ta...
Mental Health Matters
6 months ago
It is my best-known secret that I deal with depression and anxiety. I never knew how deep and dark mental illness could be until I began to deal with it on my own. For a few months, I kept it well hid...