Scott Lavely

I am a transgender individual trying to bring light to LGBTQA+ in the USA and other areas of the world

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Bipolar Disorder
a month ago
Many of us have heard the word "Bipolar," I believe. It comes from Bipolar Disorder, a Personality Disorder (definition: An ingrained behavior in which the person shows signs of such a thing by the ad...
Peter Pan Syndrome/Disorder
a month ago
I'm pretty sure most of us know who Peter Pan is; the boy who could fly, and was sometimes shown with Tinker Bell at his side, the boy who lived but didn't grow up! Yeah, well that's NOT who i'm going...
Eating Disorders
2 months ago
Eating Disorders are a big issue and they need to be talked about more; they are shoved under the rug while depression and anxiety are talked about a lot. Depression and anxiety are big issues, but ea...
'To the Bone'
2 months ago
**warning: contains spoilers** To the Bone is a movie on Netflix about eating disorders, mostly focusing on anorexia nervosa and featuring a few people who suffered from bulimia nervosa. The movie has...