Shoshana Marcus

I write about real experience.ENJOY! The Names in here are altered due to confidentiality. And- IT HELPS TO READ MY STORIES IN ORDER! (but some chapters don't have numbers.. sorry!)

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21: One of the Better Places
a month ago
"What is one of your preferences regarding a treatment center?" asked the man on the phone. "I want it to allow hugs..." I began. "Hugs?" he asked. "Yes," I said. Is that something hard to understand?...
20: The Peak of Success Ends
a month ago
I started liking it there. The freedom was weird at first, but I slowly got used to it. I made some friends, I'd usually have more good days than bad, but there always those few days that I'd drop big...
19: Good Riddance!
4 months ago
It was July 18th, 2014 when I finally was told that they have a place for me somewhere else. Sometimes I wondered what took them so long, but most of the time I just was grateful the day was finally c...
18. Punishment for a Witness
4 months ago
I woke up the next morning to Stephen leering over my bed. Startled, I jumped back towards the head of the bed. Grabbing my arm, I pulled back, defensively, but I soon realized that one thing I should...
17: The Crime that Happened in a Hospital
4 months ago
I had been admitted to several hospitals — but none quite like this one at all. I came in and everything seemed like a normal hospital setting — but if hospitals were meant to help you, this hospital ...
Two Lives Cut Too Short
4 months ago
“Voila! Voila!” The kids cried. Viola was a staff, and the most favorited at that. She was the kind of staff you could joke around with the, one you could never get mad at, not even when she made us r...