Sierra George

 I'm really an open book and write whatever I feel at the moment. I feel passionate about many things and just write whatever I feel in my heart.

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Help Me, I'm Drowning: My Life With GAD
10 months ago
"I can't breathe, dad, I can't breathe." These words were so painful to speak as I cried out to my dad while going through another panic attack. Tears were streaming down my face like a fast river cur...
In and Out: My Year in the Asylum
10 months ago
"I would rather die than live here." Those were the words that I spoke to my Dad when my BPD was at its worst, after a long night of arguing and endless fighting, I was tired. Looking back I don't eve...
Medicated: My Life on ADHD Medication
10 months ago
I was diagnosed with inattentive type attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when I was 11 years old in South Carolina by a local psychologist. My parents were desperate for answers of why their dau...
I Hate You. Don't Leave Me
10 months ago
Relationships with BPD are anything but simple, both the person with BPD and the one without it can feel as if they are always treading on eggshells in a constant war zone. People with Borderline Pers...