Sierra George

 I'm really an open book and write whatever I feel at the moment. I feel passionate about many things and just write whatever I feel in my heart.

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Help Me, I'm Drowning: My Life With GAD
a year ago
"I can't breathe, dad, I can't breathe." These words were so painful to speak as I cried out to my dad while going through another panic attack. Tears were streaming down my face like a fast river cur...
In and Out: My Year in the Asylum
a year ago
"I would rather die than live here." Those were the words that I spoke to my Dad when my BPD was at its worst, after a long night of arguing and endless fighting, I was tired. Looking back I don't eve...
Medicated: My Life on ADHD Medication
a year ago
I was diagnosed with inattentive type attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when I was 11 years old in South Carolina by a local psychologist. My parents were desperate for answers of why their dau...
I Hate You. Don't Leave Me
a year ago
Relationships with BPD are anything but simple, both the person with BPD and the one without it can feel as if they are always treading on eggshells in a constant war zone. People with Borderline Pers...